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Certified Business Coach in india - Moloy Chakravorty
Moloy Chakravorty

Moloy Chakravorty, Founder Of Beyond Red Ocean Consulting, Is An Entrepreneur And An ActionCOACH Certified Business Growth Coach.

How to Grow your business

Group Coaching

Group Coaching Format Is Targeted For Start-Ups, Micro And Small Business Owners.

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One To One Coaching

If Your Business Depends On You, You Don’t Own A Business You Own A JOB!

How to Expand Business

Life Coaching

Orange Is The New Black, 40 Is The New 30, And Life And Career Coaches Are The New Personal Trainers.

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Learn The Art Of Propelling Your Business To The Next Level, Which Works Without You

Beyond Red Ocean Consulting Is a Business & Life Coaching Company Based In Mumbai. We Are One Of The Franchise Partners Of ActionCOACH USA.

ActionCOACH USA ( Which Is The No. 1 Business Coaching Company In The World

Moloy Chakravorty - Business Transformation Consultant
Action Coach - Moloy Chakravorty

Let's Think About Your Business

Build Your Business Legacy

We Mentor Business Owners So That They Can Systemize Their Business And Get Freedom To Pursue Their PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL GOALS.

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Business Coach Moloy Chakravorty's Achivements
Business Coach Moloy Chakravorty's Achivements
Business Coach Moloy Chakravorty's Achivements
Business Coach Moloy Chakravorty's Achivements

do you have it in you to inspire and tranform business?

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  January 15, 2022
Importance of Healthcare KPIs

A healthcare Key Performance Indicator (KPI) or metric is a well-defined performance measure that is used to observe, analyze, optimize, and transform a healthcare process to increase satisfaction for both patients and healthcare providers alike …

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