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If Your Business Depends On You, You Don't Own
A Business,

You Own A JOB!

Moloy Chakravorty

Founder, Beyond Red Ocean Consulting,
Business Coach - ActionCOACH Global,
Life Coach, Keynote Speaker

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Moloy Chakravorty

Moloy Chakravorty, Founder Of Beyond Red Ocean Consulting, Is An Entrepreneur And An ActionCOACH Certified Business Growth Coach.

Group Coaching Format is targeted for Start-ups, Micro and Small Business owners.

If Your Business Depends On You, You Don’t Own A Business You Own A JOB!

Orange Is The New Black, 40 Is The New 30, And Life And Career Coaches Are The New Personal Trainers

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Beyond Red Ocean Consulting Is a Business & Life Coaching Company Based In Mumbai. We Are One Of The Franchise Partners Of ActionCOACH USA.

 ActionCOACH USA ( Which Is The No. 1 Business Coaching Company In The World

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We Mentor Business Owners so that they can Systemize Their Business And Get Freedom To Pursue Their PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL GOALS.

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Vision 2021: Goodbye Mediocrity

➢ Ever wondered why you don’t have everything that you need?➢ Ever wondered why your life is below the standard you always wanted to maintain?➢ Ever wondered why you live a mediocre life?All these questions have one answer, the life we are living now is a reflection of our choices.It’s the only thing we need …

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HOW TO THRIVE IN POST- COVID ERAIt was mid-February od 2021 when I was with a couple of clients who managed business upwards ofRs 15 Cr. 2019-2020 was overall a challenging year for them, but by January 2020 things seemed to beturning around. The last quarter of 2019-20 was not looking too bad – in …



HOW TO THRIVE IN POST- COVID ERAFinancial management in the small firm is characterized, in many different cases, by the needto confront a somewhat different set of problems and opportunities than those confronted bya large corporation.One immediate and obvious difference is that a majority of smaller firms do not normally havethe opportunity to publicly sell …


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