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Design Your Destiny

Orange Is The New Black, 40 Is The New 30, And Life And Career Coaches Are The New Personal Trainers

From Fortune 500 CEOs To Hollywood Starlets To Oprah, People Are Performing Better, Making Smarter Decisions And Reaching New Heights In Areas Such As Work, Finance, Relationships And Health, All Thanks To Their Life Coaches.

“Coaches Have The Ability To View Things From Afar – In What Some Call ‘Helicopter Vision’ — And To Shed New Light On Difficult Situations. Often They Can Act As A Sounding Board For Tough Decisions, Help Sharpen Skills, And Motivate”..

Life Coaching Is A Profession That Is Profoundly Different From Consulting, Mentoring, Advice, Therapy, Or Counseling. The Coaching Process Addresses Specific Personal Projects, Business Successes, General Conditions And Transitions In The Client’s Personal Life, Relationships Or Profession By Examining What Is Going On Right Now, Discovering What Your Obstacles Or Challenges Might Be, And Choosing A Course Of Action To Make Your Life Be What You Want It To Be.

Life Coaching Is A Designed Alliance Between Coach And Client Where The Coaching Relationship Continually Gives All The Power Back To You, The Client. We Believe That You Know The Answers To Every Question Or Challenge You May Have In Your Life, Even If Those Answers Appear To Be Obscured, Concealed Or Hidden Inside.

Every Day We Make Choices To Do Or Not Do Many Things. These Choices May Range From Profound To Trivial And Each One Has An Effect That Makes Our Lives More Fulfilling Or Less Fulfilling, More Balanced Or Less Balanced, That Make Our Process Of Living More Effective Or Less Effective. Life Coaching Helps You Learn How To Make Choices That Create An Effective, Balanced And Fulfilling Life.

Our Skills Are About Knowing The Right Questions To Ask And Having The Right Tools And Techniques To Empower You To Find Those Answers Within Yourself.

You, The Client, Are The Only Expert In Your Entire Life Who Truly Knows Who You Are And What You Need. You Are The Only Expert Who Can Recognize What Is Absolutely Best For You. We Are Simply Experts In The Coaching Process. As Your Coach, We Help You Discover What Your Own Personal “Best” Might Be.

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We Help You Connect Your Head And Your Heart In A Way That Transforms Your Passion For Your Dreams Into Action For Your Life

A Life Coach Is Almost Like A Sculptor Who Can Look At You And See The Potential For You To Achieve All That You Desire And Help You:
  • Achieve Your Personal And Professional Goals
  • Focus On Future Not Past
  • Reach Goals You Never Thought Were Possible
  • Explore What Is Holding You Back

How Does Life Coach Work?

  • The Design Your Destiny Program Starts With A Complimentary Coaching Consultation- To Identify The Pain Points And What Are The Solutions The Client Is Expecting During The Coaching Association
  • The Program Typically Runs For 3 To 6 Months But Can Be Longer Depending On The Expected Outcomes
  • Program Alignment Call – 2 Hours To Set The Expectations Of The Outcome
  • Each Coaching Session Typically Range From 60 To 90 Minutes
  • A Coaching Session Will Be Conducted Via VC Or Personal Meet In Coaches Office Once Every 15 Days
  • Each Session Will Have Action Outcomes Which The Client Will Have To Take And Report.
  • Unlimited Email/WhatsApp During The Coaching Program.
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