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Do something that your future self will thank you for, because difficult roads always lead to beautiful destinations.

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Choose to make calculative decisions that would have a positive impact on your future. Utilize every opportunity and challenge to create a life that will propel you towards your goals.

Beyond Red Ocean Consulting is India's Premier Business Coaching Company with Operations in Mumbai and Kolkata & Clients across India and UK. We are one of the partners of ActionCOACH USA World's #1 Business Coaching Company.

 We work with Ambitious Entrepreneurs to scale up their Business through exponential growth and build a "Highly Commercial, Profitable & Sustainable Organization.

Our Vision

We want to be the business coaching firm of choice for entrepreneurs struggling with team, time, and money challenges.

Our Mission

Impacting the lives and businesses of at least 500 entrepreneurs every year, helping them grow their businesses exponentially.

Why Business Coach


Being a business owner is a lonely job! As business continues to change so rapidly, staying ahead and above water can feel overwhelming. You have little time to concentrate on growing your business because you are stuck working in your business. Your attention is on the day-to-day operations, handling emergencies and your challenge to create that winning team that can run your business when you aren’t there. You aren’t making the money you could be because you aren’t focused on multiplying your profitability. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a business that works without you? You Can Live Your Best Business Life. But How?

Most businesses invest in professional expertise in the most important aspects of their business. You hire an accountant or a financial advisor to ensure your money is managed effectively. You hire a lawyer to help you navigate legal matters.

Why not hire a business coach to help you with everything else?

An ActionCOACH, a Certified Business Coach is a Professional who brings with them a unique perspective and a set of skills to help you re-energize your business operation. They will help you find new, effective ways to solve some of your most taxing business challenges.

Employing an ActionCOACH is a Partnership - a relationship and they will Mentor you as your business Grows.

Quite simply, a Business Coach will help you find ways to have more time, build more effective teams, and Make More Money. Beyond Red Ocean Consulting is India’s Premiere Business Coaching Firm and a licensed partner of ActionCOACH USA, world’s no 1 business coaching company. We not only Expect results, but we also guarantee them.

You are not Alone and We work with You to help you find the most precious resource - Time. It is time to invest in your business and invest in your future. Connect with us to transform your passion for your dreams into action for your life.

Moloy Chakravorty

Business Coach - ActionCOACH Global
Founder - Beyond Red Ocean Consulting
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Moloy Chakravorty

Mr. Moloy Chakravorty is  the Founder of Beyond Red Ocean Consulting (www.beyondredocean.com), an Entrepreneur, an ActionCOACH Certified Business Growth Coach (www.actioncoach.com) and an ICF Certified Executive Coach.

In the last 6 years, he has successfully set up 3 organizations - Quinton Air and Odor Management Pvt Ltd, Hire Desk Management Services LLP and Pet Bhore.

He loves to teach and is actively involved in leading Management Institutes in Mumbai, Dubai, and Delhi as a visiting faculty for the past 22 years.

Mr. Moloy is passionate to work with ambitious business owners and he derives pride and satisfaction from seeing their businesses grow exponentially. It is his firm belief that the growth of the Indian economy will be driven by Indian Entrepreneurs. He would like to bring abundance to the startup community in India via redirecting business owners through education. 


Our Team

A third generation entrepreneur and knowledge seeker, Amitabh has been successfully running his 74 year old family business of supplying machinery and consumables to the packaging, printing & book binding industry since the past many years.

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She is the Founder and Managing Director of Modicle Studios Pvt. Ltd., a marketing & advertising agency. Tripta is a lateral thinker, known for her creativity.. Her forte is in connecting the analytical part of the left brain with the creative part of the right brain to give the perfect blend to suit the client.

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