Vision 2021: Goodbye Mediocrity

 February 8, 2021

All these questions have one answer, the life we are living now is a reflection of our choices.It’s the only thing we need to understand when we are living such a damn mediocre life. Why are we in such a mediocre relationship? Why do we have such a mediocre job? Why are we stuck in this mediocre life? And why can’t we break out of that mediocre life. It’s because we like to play it safe.

We have been tricked into believing that playing it safe will make us happy and successful. One day we will become a success story. One day when we have enough money, enough time, are not depressed anymore or we got that promotion we’re going to have an awesome life. The life we always dreamt about.

But this time will never come.

There will never be a good time for change. It’s always going to be hard. We will never really figure ourselves out. There will always be excuses.

So, we keep playing it safe. Forever. We keep waiting for that one person to find us. To choose us. To promote us. To make us famous. To make us rich. Then after years (or decades) of waiting we realize that this is never going to happen.

We will never become movie gods or rock stars. That’s when we start to realize that only taking mediocre risks for our entire lives, making mediocre efforts and not willing to change things will lead to a mediocre life. A boring life. A life we’re so afraid of living. A life wasted in mediocrity.

If we really want to achieve something truly remarkable, we must take a truly remarkable risk. Avoiding mediocrity is a goal that everyone in the world should strive for. I set myself up on this path in 2016, when I set up Beyond Red Ocean Consulting and I’m so glad that I have! Are you ready to live a life of our dreams? Are you ready to give up your mediocre lives and dream big? If we know where we want to go in the next 12 months, then probably we are not dreaming big enough.

As we step into 2021, lets promise to ourselves that from now on we will no longer be mediocre. Let us reaffirm to ourselves to NOT LIVE A LIFE OF MEDIOCRITY. Let us give up all that is stopping us from fulfilling our aspirations because if for nobody else, we owe this to ourselves. So that when the time comes to leave this planet and our body, we can look back and tell ourselves that “WE LIVED OUR LIVES”.

Wish everyone a Very Happy 2021 and wish all of you a year of abundance.