Selling Reinvented

This Masterclass in Selling focuses on "Why people buy rather than how to sell to customers"

1 out of 9 professionalls are in sales. Rest 8 spend 41 percent spend time in convincing, influencing getting attention... They too are in non-sales closing. Still selling is considered to a job with less dignity.

Adjectives which comes to mind when we say Sales- Pushy, Aggressive, dishonest, rejection, Scary, rejection, challenging, fun, teaching, consulting.

Going to a Toyato dealer20 years ago- the seller was an expert and he was a authority to give you information - Today the buyer will go with a comparative chart comparing all comparable parameters of every car in the segment.

Prospects are afraid of making a buying mistake, of getting stuck with something they don’t want, don’t need or can’t use. A recent study showed that desire for gain has a motivational power of 1.0. Fear has a negative motivational force of 2.5.

That means that prospects are more motivated to buy if they feel they’re going to lose something by not buying than they are in anticipation of the benefits they will enjoy if they do buy.

The best sales presentations show prospects how much better off they will be if they buy and, simultaneously how much worse off they will be if they don’t. In other words, customer problems and acceptable solutions are at the heart of every sales presentation.

Because prospects have never had the chance to experience your service or product customers land up buying from you because of how you sell to them rather than what you sell!

I believe there are 9 actual reasons people decide to buy from you company rather than your competitors, and almost none of them have to do with product. Couple of them are:


You sell better than your competitors

A great salesperson can make all the difference. A great salesperson can often outsell a poorer salesperson even when armed with a more expensive product with less features.

You are found first

One of the biggest things you can do to increase sales is be found first. Being the most visible item in a check-out aisle, being top of Google or calling a prospect back…

We are all in sales but sales is not what it was. Its time to polish your selling skills.

Program Outline

The Professional Selling Skill Set and Mind Set

How do we stand out, How do we make an impact, How do we become different?

Why should corporates buy from us? What are we communicating?

Controlling a Conversation

Communication to the Customers - Offline and Online

Sales Process Management